Company Profile

Our Credentials

Excellent safety record- Our experience modifier is well below industry standards. According to Ramiro Bautista V.P. & General Superintendant “I tell the employees to look at safety this way: If you brought your child to work today would you allow them to get in a trench that was unsafe? Then don’t expect any less for yourself or coworker”.

Austin Underground Inc is also a certified minority, and HUB contractor. We maintain certifications for The State of Texas, The City of Austin, The City of San Antonio, and the Texas Department of Transportation.

Rick Vavro – Austin Underground President, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1991 with a structural engineering degree.

Why Choose Austin Underground?

Austin Underground has built a reputation for specializing in construction projects with complicating factors. We do the jobs that other companies would rather not do: installing utility lines and roadways in heavy traffic conditions. If your construction project entails working in constrained working areas, or is under a tight deadline-we are the specialists for the job.

  • If you have heavy traffic on a roadway which needs repairs, call Austin Underground.
  • Problems with accommodating a construction crew on your job site? Austin Underground can solve the problem.
  • Don’t think you can complete your project on deadline? Call Austin Underground.

When other companies back away from your construction project, Austin Underground will be at the front of the line seeking your business. Austin Underground is an expert in the area of complicated and difficult construction projects from utility to roadway repairs in municipal and commercial environments.